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Aviation Interior Management has the ability to provide overhauled Business class, Economy class and Cabin crew seats with all the necessary technical documentation such as FAA/EASA certificate 8130-3, Engineering order, latest revisions of the Component Maintenance Manuals, Burns Test Certificates and any other specific Certification documentation, which may be required.

Also, we have maintenance program on site for customer seats. The level of refurbishment will be completely tailored to your specific requirements. AiM team will be happy to provide you few creative solutions than you can decide what solution suits best your particular requirements.

The seat parts such as tray table, arm shroud, endbay, arm caps, seat belts could be overhauled as part of specific refurbishment program. (e.g. send us worn tray tables and we will ship them back completely refurbishment in overhauled condition with certification FAA/EASA 8130-3).

Luxury custom cabinets

AiM engineering team will be happy to create for you “Custom Interior Design Concepts”. We are able to build new certified cabinetry or modify and restyle existing cabinets with laminates or new wood veneers with a satin or high gloss finish.

“Let us to make cabin interior unique and more comfortable for your customers”

Seat dress covers and cushions

Seat upholstery is the most important ergonomic constituent in any aircraft and should reflect an intimate and personal sense of beauty and functionality. Seats upholstered with the new high-density, lighter weight DAX Elastic foam provide passengers with better body support and comfort during extended flights. All material has to meet FAA 25.853-1 – Flammability Requirements.

Seat dress covers could be made in leather or fabric or e-leather.

Seat cushions will be manufactured with DAX foam – the best performing firehard foam.

IFE & ISPS equipment

AiM can supply and fit IFE and ISPS equipment during refurbishment programs and bench test this equipment for serviceability, prior to installation onto the aircraft.

NEW IFE and ISPS will be purchased directly from the Original Equipment Manufacturers. We will expertly prepare and manage IFE and ISPS package detailed to best meet your fleet’s requirements.

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